Text & Telephone

In addition to our retail betting shops we also offer our customers a Telebetting and Textbetting service.  Our telebetting services opens at 10am daily and remains open until after the last UK/Irish horserace.  Our telebetting centre offers customers a deposit or card facility for betting.  Customers can deposit money in shops.

Telebetting Phone Number 1800321221 

Our new Textbetting service offers customers the ability to bet by text. Simply set up an account in one of our shops or by phone and then text your bet to 086-1801706. You will receive a confirmation of your bet by text along with all the details of your bet that was placed.

 Sign up today phone 1800321221 or 01-8020637.

Open Account

To open an account, visit one of the Tracksports Shops to sign up.